Easy Masks – says it all –

a mask that is easy to wear

Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in South Africa


 The Easy mask is 100% South African made

and assembled product, specifically to prevent the spreading of viruses and

bacteria. The manufacturing takes place in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa and

is distributed via a network of resellers throughout the country. Easy Masks

has recently exported parts to Australia for Australian local assembly and

distribution as well as to Namibia.


During the design with the knowledge and

facts available the balance between risks and comfort was taken into

consideration ensuring the maximum protection while being comfortable enough to

ensure the user wearing the mask with ease at all times. It is lightweight,

hygienic, modern and transparent, making it suitable for daily continues use.

It is easy to clean and aesthetically good looking, allowing ease of

conversations and clear visibility of facial expressions and the mouth.

Technical Specifications:

The mask is fragile and breakable. The components are manufactured from:Screen

– Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)Frame

– AcrylicChin

Pad – Acrylic and foam padEar

Strap – Elastic 



Elegant design·        




Fog resistant·        




Easy to sanitize and clean·        

Clear Vision·        

Reusable – Cost saving



Easy natural breathing·        

Prevent headaches from carbon

dioxide poisoning·        


Less irritational·        

Ventilated and cooler to wear·        

Not depriving your body of oxygen

preventing Hypoxia·        

Vison is not impaired and

glasses are less pruned to fogging up·        

Assist persons with asthma to

breath freely ·        

Speak clearly – no muffled

sound, essential for all communication in workplace·        

Visible facial expression and

smiles for normal human interaction·        

Hearing impaired, elderly and

deaf people can read your lips and communicate·        

Positive access identification

at security checkpoints without the need to remove your mask·        

Facial recognition without

removing mask for mobile phones and security control cameras·        

Non intimidating for children·        

Minimal contact to your skin

and lips – preserving makeup and lipstick·        

Minimal cross contamination

when removed for eating/drinking and placed on surfaces·        

Easy Mask, unlike normal full

shields, prevent droplets form reaching surrounding surfaces due to a downward


Acne and other dermatological

sufferers have less contact on their skin and less irritation which decreases

skin infections and rashes


Recommended use:


Always maintain social

distancing of at least 1.5 metres·        

All persons should wear masks·        

Clean mask regularly with hot

water and dishwashing liquid soap.·        

Avoid crowds where possible and

when you feel unsafe wear additional protection

SA Regulations for Covid 19 Masks:

The regulations published and signed by Dr

Nkosazana Zuma on 28/05/2020 pertaining to alert level 3 with specific

reference to clause 33.1.g.3 states: No person is allowed to be in a public

place, use any form of public transport, or enter a public building, place or

premises, if that person is not wearing a cloth face mask or a home-made

item that covers the nose and mouth, OR another appropriate item to cover the

nose and mouth.

Easy masks appropriately cover the nose and mouth.

Scientific Quotes:

 Healthwise (17 May 2020)

Medical professionals have warned that people with

chronic asthma who use face masks, especially the surgical and clothing type,

are exposing themselves to hypoxia.

WHO (9July 2020)

Masks and face coverings reduce the speed of the

puff of air that is produced when sneezing, coughing or talking. Decreasing the

velocity of the expelled air reduces the distance that droplets are transported

into the person’s surroundings

AARP (23July 2020)

Health experts say shields appear to be very

effective at preventing infection — maybe even more effective than masks — for

someone going about regular daily activities and not in a high-risk health care

setting.Another benefit, says Amesh Adaljq M.D.: With a

mask, you may find yourself constantly adjusting it and therefore touching your

face and possibly transferring the virus from your hands, but wearing a shield

“doesn’t really put you in a position where you’re touching your face so much,

because it’s not as cumbersome to wear.”And finally, Adalja adds, “If you walk down the

sidewalk, you can find lots of masks that are just discarded there, which are

an infection control risk for other people. Whereas a face shield is something

that people can just clean themselves and reuse.”

CDC [Centres for Disease Control andPrevention] San Diego (23 July 2020)

Lauren Lek, head of school at Academy of Our Lady

of Peace, in San Diego says that face shields are better than masks for

students with learning differences, including autism spectrum disorders (ASDs),

because they allow for full visibility of facial expressions that can help them

read and understand social cues. CDC [Centres for Disease Control and

Prevention] and our local public health office confirmed that face shields

would be an acceptable alternative to face masks.

What our clients say: 

Sasha client services:

Easy Masks has a unique solution to the

compulsory wearing of masks. You often see people wearing a cloth mask around

their neck or exposing their nose or mouth because they cannot breathe or talk

naturally. This habit is exposing people to possible infection. With Easy Masks

breathing and talking is natural and the masks are comfortable to wear. You

only remove your mask when you sleep, drink or eat. This makes Easy Masks my

family’s choice for protection against infections. 

Sammy beautician:

In my work I am in close proximity to my clients.

While wearing my cloth mask clients often complained that they cannot hear me.

Now that I wear an Easy Mask I don’t have to worry about communication and my

clients and I still feel safe.

 Sipho Uber driver:

I have asthma and it is very hard to breath with

a cloth mask. Now that I wear my Easy Mask I don’t get panic attacks or


 Peter chef and restaurant owner:

What a great idea. I wish somebody invented this mask years ago. Since I bought the

masks for my staff they are visibly happier. It is tough to work in a kitchen

wearing a cloth mask or shield. My clients feel more comfortable because there

will be no saliva droplets in their food. I personally wear my mask to be able

to communicate properly with staff and clients.

The Product



Easy Mask offers more than enough

protection whilst applying the prescribed social distancing practice taking

into consideration all the other benefits. We further believe that by having our

smiles visible will also contribute to our mental health with the much-needed

laughter and smiles that enhances our immune system. We believe or Easy Mask must become

standard practice, and even law, for people working in the hospitality and

other services industries even after Covid-19 Keep the smile visible!!! 

The Easy Mask Team

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